How to Clean & Clear my skin

6 Jul

Sawaddee Ka !

Today I gonna show you about how to clean up my skin from the make up.

For everyone that have an annoying  from pimple on your face.

So, I would like to recommended the basic steps of cleansing for sensitive skin

Ok !

The special care for your face.

Started from wash you face thoroughly, And must to ensure that clean.

Anyway, The First thing that you have to know is

What types of your skin ? “

Because If you know about types of your skin,

That’s very good for taking care of  your skin properly and correctly.


Let’s get started !!

I have a combination skin, Very sensitive and easily acne occurs skin.

So, I have to good looking for some product for sensitive skin

–  Hypoallergenic product.

Because some substance such as perfume has reaction with the sensitive skin.

Make your skin allergies like the pimple or skin blister after use that product.

So, you have to make sure that the product doesn’t contain such substance by reading on the product label.

Looking for has the perfume or not..

About My Cleansing.

I using The cleansing express moist from Mandom beauty for cleansing for heavy make up .

for eye make up, I use the eye remover “Botanics

If I wear soft make up, I only used the

baby wipe (fragrance free again Fragrance Free Only !)

for remove the soft make up.

How to use the baby wipe for remove the make up.

The baby wipe tissue has rather rough isn’t same the cotton or face tissue.

I feel my face has burning from wipe,

So, I changing  is  pressed the baby wipe on the surface,

And used the finger equalize on the wipe tissue around on my face like this.

Make sure that clean already..

After that, I apply the BP 5% for blockage from the pimple about 15 minute before wash the face.

Then, I used The Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser wash my face.

I can trust with these the product,

because I already to search about information of the product has the substance make my skin has allergies or not?

And then I tested with the jaw area skin about 2-3 days.  If  the skin is not allergic.

So, The Product have tested by me ;D

If you know about what’s type of your skin and take care correctly,

You can far way from the unwanted acne..

Bye ;D


2 Responses to “How to Clean & Clear my skin”

  1. Honey July 6, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    woo!! thanks for your recommended gal ^^

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