D.I.Y.Natural hair treatment.

3 Apr

Sawaddee ka !

First blog !!

Today, I gonna show you about Do It Yourself for Natural Hair treatment.

Everyone knows “Rice” has beneficial for your health.

I can’t live without eating “rice” !!! LOL

Anyway, Not only rice kernel has beneficial ,

but also “water from washing the rice” have beneficial too.

This is Secret of  Asian women has know.

The useless water from washing rice.

Can be the natural toner for your skin.

It’s  Detoxify your skin deep clean, Make your skin fresh and brighten.

ฺHowever, The water from washing the rice have the synergistic cleaning.

In former times, Thai’s people used the water from washing rice for wash dishes and clothes.

It has a quality of cleaning the dirt and oil like a detergent and dish washing liquid.

So, It’s best way to clean oil from skin.

But shouldn’t apply and leave the rice water for a longtime on you skin.

If you have to leave it on your face, just only 5 -10 minute enough !

I recommend the exception for dry skin, It has make you skin dry up !

I didn’t used with my skin because I have a combination skin and very sensitive.

When I try the make up has fragrance, My skin will gets allergic easily.

So, I have change to using with my damaged hair.

How ???

Let’s get started !

My hair has weightless, dry and fly away.

So, I have to find some way for  repair my damaged hair.

And then, I remember that My Mom used this way for recondition her damaged hair and be effective !

Passed about 10 years,  I just enter one’s mind,

Gosh !

L O L!

First, I got the water from washing rice,

I chose the water from sticky rice.

because the sticky rice has a solid kernel,  Has only one method for cooking sticky rice.

Must to soak with water about 1-2 hour or sticky kernel has weaken before to steam.

The water from washing sticky rice,  it has an intensity more than rice.

If you didn’t have sticky rice, water from rice can use also !

And then, I anoint  my hair with sticky rice water before wash and leave about 10 minute.

After that rinse off and use hair conditioner leave about 5 minute and rinse off again.

blow dry your hair half dry.

And take hair coat  for keep moisture on your hair

Finish !!

Ok ! Now you will have weight,  reduce fly way and super sleek and straight hair. woww !!!

Because the nutrient ingredient on sticky rice help to recondition your damaged hair.

And also clean excess oil from your hair But It doesn’t make  your hair  not too dry.

Keep beauty with you forever

Michelle Chuthabhon 😉


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